Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

“"Dena is one of the rare editors who is always able to understand what foreign students want to say. Her intensive feedback correction is really a new way of learning English. When I really want someone to look at my written work, Dena is my first choice." ”

Talal, PhD Candidate, Washington State University.

Payment: Paypal is the preferred payment method. Payment is due as soon as the work is complete.

Privacy: Author contact information and the details and contents of unpublished material are strictly confidential.

How Long Does it Take? Your paper will always be returned as quickly as possible. Each paper is different and time depends on the number of papers currently in the queue, and the length and difficulty of the paper. At minimum expect an hour per 1000 words, but it varies considerably. Keep in mind that I will probably have papers from other authors at the same time as your paper. Let me know if you have a specific deadline.

Pricing: Cost depends on the level and type of editing required and the amount of notice given (turnaround time). Turnaround time begins when I receive your paper and ends when I return it to you. Turnaround time is in business days and excludes weekends and major holidays. Work will always be returned as quickly as possible. I prefer to have at least five business days to work on your paper. With a 5-day turnaround, rates are approximately 2 cents per word. For rush orders: 3-4 days add 10%, 2 days add 40%, same day add 60%. Check here for special offers.

Style: The default style is APA. If you are using a different style, let me know and I will use it.

To ensure availability and the best rate, please contact me with your timeline as early as possible. I look forward to working with you!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed!